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Image by Jordan Steranka



Born and raised in the PNW, I have been continually inspired by the land that shapes our culture, our communities, and our hearts.


Creating Change with Compassion

Growing up near Portland, OR and relocating with my family to Bellingham, WA, I have relished in the beauty all around us here in the Pacific Northwest. It inspired me to attend Western Washington University and use my artistic talents to pursue a career in graphic design, print, and marketing. This, however, is when the story started to change.


Call me a people person or merely someone with a heart too big. Sitting behind a desk and feeling defeated on how my career left me feeling so disconnected from the people around me, I couldn’t keep ignoring this longing for something deeper. I wanted to help people, I wanted to positively influence my community, and I wanted to fulfill this need of connection. I started to look inward and ask myself really big and quite frankly, scary questions. Is my work and place in my community serving my passions and my purpose? Is my purpose in line with my core being? It got deep and it got hard to find myself in that place. I had to get uncomfortable with myself before I could answer such complex questions. I started seeking more support from my community, I started educating myself, and I started to feel the resurgence of that fire in my soul. I knew I was meant for more and I gave myself full permission to find what “more” really looked like.


Through a series of events from leaving my career in print, helping my younger sister with special needs, getting more acquainted with social work, and seeing that I had talents left unused…I started on a new journey. In this chapter, I made the jump to become a Certified Life Coach and Mindset Coach. As a person who has experienced the yearning for more, feeling aimless on how to achieve that, and who has the knowledge on how to make the steps for self discovery and change, I am happy that I chose to shake up my norms. Now I can use this set of tools and understanding to help others through the birth of cinder coaching.



In my spare time I enjoy painting, music, exploring everything from the mountains to the beaches with my husband and dog, Echo, dancing, crafting up a new recipe, reading, snuggling up with my kitties, and cracking jokes with friends. Life can be short, so let’s make the best of it!


  • Life Coach Certificate from Universal Coaching Institute

  • Mindset Coach Certificate from Universal Coaching Institute

  • Transformational Coach Certificate from Universal Coaching Institute

  • Solution Focused Coach Certificate from Universal Coaching Institute


  • BA in Art Design from Western Washington University

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